September 12, 2017

BPAK WEB SERIES | Spend The Week Learning From IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski

By Prime Fitness
BPAK WEB SERIES | Spend The Week Learning From IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski

This week, all week.  It’s BPAK week at PRIME.

Last month was one of the most exciting months we’ve ever had at PRIME. The hype around the Open House Week at …destination DALLAS, TX was epic. Some of the biggest names in the fitness industry got to experience PRIME for the first time (and fortunately for us – they all loved it).  PRIME was shared, storied, tweeted and uploaded to hundreds of thousands of people new to PRIME. Like we said, super exciting.  With that, however, comes the ‘once chance to make a first impression’, so we thought it was important to take some time to really explain what makes PRIME equipment so unique.  Who better to deliver that message than our good friend, Ben Pakulski.  Ben is revered as one of the brightest minds in the world of strength training.  Upon his own admission, his very successful bodybuilding career was fueled by his exercise science background and ‘intelligent training’ philosophy.

At his gym, MI40 Gym in Tampa, FL, BPak has been training on PRIME equipment for the past 2 years, and he has a lot of it.  MI40 Gym features a wide rage of PRIME equipment, with 20+ pieces of plate loaded and selectorized, a PRIME Steel Rack and a variety of PRIME accessories. So, like we said, who better to train the staff and members at …destination DALLAS, TX. We couldn’t think of anyone.

We set up some cameras and shot the entire 2 hour session and developed a 6 part web series.  This week we will be releasing a new part everyday from 09/11/17 to 09/16/17.  Part 1 was released today.  Check it out below!