June 06, 2017

The Achieve Fitness Story: Winning By Being Different

By Prime Fitness
The Achieve Fitness Story:  Winning By Being Different

What can a locally owned and operated gym do when the big gym chains come to town?  With the continued growth of national and regional gym chains, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for privately owned local gyms to compete against the big marketing budgets and cheap membership dues.

That’s exactly what happened to Achieve Fitness in Fleming Island, a locally owned gym in the quaint, water-locked suburb of Jacksonville, FL.  After over a decade of service as the community’s “go-to” gym, Achieve Fitness found themselves in a turf war. With the opening of not one, not two, but three national gym chains just miles away, their membership base started to erode – and who could blame their members? Cheaper prices, newer versions of the same equipment and a constant bombarding of advertisements and promotional offers. It didn’t take Achieve long to reach a critical crossroads; close the gym or punch back… harder. They chose the latter, developing a full-scale plan to overhaul of the gym.  New paint, new logo, new equipment, new everything. There was just one problem - the competition’s paint was also new, and their logos were nice too. So, what would bring those members back to Achieve Fitness?  Game changing equipment.  Enter PRIME Fitness.

Achieve found their PRIME in a big way, totally revamping their strength machines with the most innovative, versatile and intelligent equipment in the world.  With the inclusion of over 20 pieces of PRIME equipment, Achieve had their differentiator in PRIME’s SmartStrength technology.  Today, Achieve Fitness is the ONLY gym in the Jacksonville area offering a plethora of benefits that can only be achieved (pun intended) using PRIME equipment.  Whether it be a newcomer to the gym looking for a total body workout in 30 minutes, a member rehabbing an injury, or a serious lifter targeting the extremes of the range – Achieve has equipment with the versatility to be tailor-made for every member’s goals.

In late May of 2017, the PRIME equipment arrived to the gym.  Over the next several days, dozens of training sessions were held for the gym staff and its members.  The sessions included basic overviews of each piece of equipment, education on the value of variable resistance training and the proper use of PRIME’s SmartStrength technology.  “The feedback from the members has been incredible,” said Jarrod Saracco, President of Health Club Doctor Inc., and the consultant who has been responsible for the club overhaul and turnaround.  “We knew we needed to bring something to the table that wows people and commands a higher dollar value than the $10/mo. gym model.  That’s why we chose PRIME, because of its differentiating technology, its wow factor and its ability to sell memberships and personal training.  When you put someone on it for the first time, they will never walk out the door and wish they would have went to a cheaper gym.”

If you are a club owner and you’re feeling the pressure of new competition in your market, don’t fall in the trap of a price war, it’s a battle you can’t win.  Learn from Achieve Fitness, increase the value of your membership with the best equipment in the world.  Email us today at info@PRIMEfitnessUSA.com to learn how PRIME equipment can drive your business forward.


Here are some pictures of the new and improved Achieve Fitness: