September 08, 2017

Destination Dallas TX | PRIME Fitness: “It Does Something Different”

By Prime Fitness
Destination Dallas TX | PRIME Fitness: “It Does Something Different”

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times… ‘the best gyms in the world choose PRIME’.

Here’s just one more example of why truer words have never been spoken. Check out Destination Dallas TX.  Destination Dallas TX is one of the most sought after and traveled to gyms in the country. Destination is the home base gym for popular apparel brands GASP and Better Bodies, and home to a laundry list of IFBB & NPC pros, professional athletes and world class trainers; Destination Dallas TX is the epitome of what it means to be a world-class training facility.

In early 2017, Destination Dallas TX was in need of a new Leg Extension machine.  So they did what any good gym should do, they asked their members what they wanted.  Apparently, the word was out, and the PRIME Plate Loaded Leg Extension was on order.   Shortly after receiving the piece, the PRIME Team visited the gym to ‘train the trainers’ on how to get the most out of this new piece of technology.  The team at Destination Dallas TX loved the piece, the members loved the piece and it wasn’t long before conversations started about bringing in more PRIME at Destination Dallas TX.

Fast forward a few months… Destination Dallas TX is now home to over 15 pieces of PRIME equipment and a variety of accessory items (You can check out a killer time-lapse video of the install HERE).


So, why do the best gyms in the world choose PRIME? Greg McCoy, Global Marketing Manager for GASP, Better Bodies and Destination Dallas TX, explains why bringing in PRIME equipment was so important. “It’s different. You have to differentiate yourselves, and the equipment is different. Not just because it’s flashy or because the color green looks really good. It’s literally different. It does something different.”  (Check out the entire video HERE) 

The difference Greg is referring to is PRIME’s SmartStrength technology. Where a traditional strength machine places a consistant load throughout the range of motion, a PRIME machine goes a step further – check that – a PRIME machine goes 5 steps further.  With PRIME’s SmartStrength technology, a user can move the peak resistance throughout the range of motion via 5 different settings. In other words, with PRIME, you can customize your reps to suit your training objectives.

Here’s a great example:  In a recent visit to Destination Dallas, IFBB Pro Ron Partlow hit back.  Ron’s training objective was focusing on his lats, and more specifically, his lower lats.  In one set on the PRIME Extreme Row, Ron was able to move the peak resistance to the end of the exercise motion (the peak contraction at the top of the motion) to really emphasize the squeeze in the lower lats.  No bands, no chains, no gimmicks – he simply added weight plates on the bottom peg of the TorqueArm (Setting #2). By doing this, the machine added resistance at the end of the motion, where he wanted to focus his effort.

It’s this kind of versatility that makes PRIME equipment the most effective and efficient equipment in the world.

Still not a PRIME believer? It’s OK, no amount of explanation can replace a workout on PRIME.  Shoot us an email to and we’ll connect you with the facility nearest to you that has PRIME equipment.  You’ll be glad you gave it a try.

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