PRODIGY I HLP Selectorized Rack 2:1


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LEAD TIME: 6-8 Weeks

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The centerpiece of the PRIME Prodigy Rack line is the Prodigy HLP (High/Low Pulley) Selectorized Rack. Packing an incredible amount of versatility and functionality, the Prodigy HLP Selectorized Rack combines the benefits of a functional trainer with the convenience and dependability of a squat rack. Featuring both fixed and adjustable dual pulley systems, and 350 lb. weight stacks per side, the HLP Selectorized Rack is built to accommodate a variety of training types, while simultaneously challenging even the strongest of lifters.
    • Dual 350lbs weight stacks with built in band pegs
    • Features two high/low adjustable pulleys and two stationary high pulleys
    • Nearly limitless exercise options in a compact footprint
    • Available in 2:1 or 4:1 ratio option
      62L x 75W x 92H in.
      157L x 190W x 234H cm.

      530lbs. / 240kgs.

Customer Reviews

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Lee Howard
Fantastic one stop shop for a home gym

I spent many months trying to narrow down what manufacturer we would go with. I can’t impress enough on the quality of the full customer experience enough. The packaging arrived and everything was secure and pristine.

The collection of attachments that come with the add ons are the talk of the neighborhood. The lat pull down seat is what I was most impressed with. Once attached, that thing feels welded in place unlike many shaky versions I’ve tried from others.

I constantly feel like I’m discovering new exercises on this and believe my wife has had enough of me running in to show off something else I’ve figured out from adapting reels to the setup.

As of this review I have owned this rig for 8 months and have to say I am overjoyed with the purchase.

I would say without a doubt this is one of the more comprehensive machines out there. Only real gap I see is needing an isolator for more controlled quad and hamstring work.

No Need to Look Further...This One is THE ONE

The HLP Rack with Stacks (and all accessories/attachments/handles) is the single best purchase I have made for my home gym (arrived in late Aug 2023).

My gym has been through multiple iterations and well over six figures in total spend on various racks/stands/yokes, machines, bars/plates, and cardio equipment.

The fit and finish of this rack is the highest caliber of any one I've owned, including Legend, Rogue, Rep, and Sorinex models over the years.

Other companies powder coating chips/flakes in the wind (Rogue especially), Prime's coating is robust and can handle hard use w/minimal if any damage shown.

The stacks and the trolly system are the smoothest and easiest to use of any product in this category for the home gym space.

The 1:1 upper ratio and dual 350lbs stack sets this product apart vs. other integrated cable systems on the market.

No Jerry rigging two sides on one carabiner or other set up gymnastics to get a challenging pull down, just set up and go (safely).

I'd also suggest the stack/pulley itself is superior to the majority of stacks I've used in commercial setting...the only items on par are Atlantis and Nautilus Nitro.

The rack is heavy, it doesn't budge, shift, or sway (without bolting it down) regardless of re-racking weight or doing chins/dips.

Additionally the shields keep the stacks "safe" on the outside, which is a great feature that I never knew I needed.

It is nice to not have to worry about my kids sticking their hand in there when they come through the gym and I am mid way through a pulldown.

At the end of the day this rack adds value to my life by:

1) Giving me back time that I would be wasting with inferior set ups or going to a globo gym for multiple stations.

2) Making my training/programming more streamlined for my coach.

3) Removing the desire to always be shopping for another rack b/c this one checks every box I had and even some I didn't know I had.

It should to be noted that:

1) The care and concern for packing and shipping is next level, two pallets of the best packing job I've ever seen and ZERO issues with damage on a 6,000lbs order.

2) Prime, Mike K, and Tyler B at Prime are wonderful to work with and made the buying experience easy, stress free, and steady w/updates on progress and ETA.

Lastly, I paid someone else with 30 years of commercial gym and college/pro team weight room install experience to assemble it.

He also commented to me that it was one the nicest units from any MFG that he has assembled in 30 years.

The Shorty Bench should be to me in 2-3 weeks to complete the set up.

Loving the Prodigy rack!

I ordered a Prime HLP Selectorized Rack 2:1 as part of a home gym installation about 10 months ago. From helping with product selection to delivery planning and coordination, Prime has been incredible. Literally every Prime representative we talked to was super helpful and responsive (thanks Abbie, Mike, and Tyler).

The rack itself is exactly what we were looking for, and the build quality is excellent--this thing isn't moving an inch. We love how versatile the Prodigy is; it would be a great component of any gym where space is not unlimited.