April 27, 2016

Find Strength In Numbers, Find Your PRIME.

By Prime Fitness
Find Strength In Numbers, Find Your PRIME.

The Best Gyms in the World Choose PRIME.

If you haven’t heard of PRIME Fitness yet, it’s probably because the company is less than 2 years old, but don’t be fooled by the newness, PRIME is turning a lot of heads in the fitness world. Important heads too. It seems like the biggest and best gyms in the world see something special about PRIME equipment. Last year, Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Gym in Tampa, FL installed over 20 units of PRIME equipment, spanning their selectorized, plate loaded and PRIME Steel rack offerings. Most recently, Dana Linn and Rob Bailey have also added a wide range of PRIME equipment to their ever expanding Warhouse Gym in Reading, PA.

So why are these gyms choosing PRIME? If you ask BPak or DLB, it’s because “it’s the best equipment in the world.” Sounds cliché, but there is merit to their claim. PRIME is one of the few strength equipment manufacturers that are 100% made in the USA. From frames to weight stacks, every single piece of PRIME equipment is American made. In an industry plagued with imported, cheaply made equipment, a steadfast approach to quality is a fairly rebellious approach. But there is more to the PRIME story than quality, much more in fact. What truly separates PRIME from other equipment is their innovative approach to strength training. Enter SmartStrength(R)… a variable resistance technology that allows the user to manipulate the strength curve of a given exercise motion. With SmartStrength, the peak load (or resistance) can be moved through the entire range of motion, (beginning, middle or end) essentially allowing for muscle fiber recruitment of the entire stretch of muscle, from origin to insertion. PRIME’s SmartStrength technology is a real game changer in the strength equipment industry, where little to no true innovation has occurred in decades.

Strength in Numbers - How does SmartStrength work?

SmartStrength is featured on PRIME’s selectorized and plate loaded equipment, however the technology is cleverly engineered into each type of unit.

PRIME selectorized units feature a SmartCam that moves the peak resistance of the load by a simple adjustment of the cam lever. As the chart below depicts, on setting 1, the SmartCam places the peak load at the middle of the range (similar to any other piece of traditional equipment). However once moved to setting 2, the peak load is moved to the end of the range (shortened position), meaning the load is lighter in the start and progressively gets heavier through out the range. Setting 3 is the exact opposite, placing the peak load at the beginning of the range (lengthened position), meaning the load is heaviest at the beginning of the exercise motion and the resistance decreases through the range of motion.

PRIME’s Plate Loaded units also feature SmartStrength technology, however unlike the selectorized units, there is no SmartCam. Rather, the manipulation of the resistance curve is achieved by their unique 3-peg torque arm design. By simply loading the weight plates on a given peg (or a combination of pegs), the resistance can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of the motion. As the chart below indicates, when the weight is on the middle peg (peg 1), the load is in the middle of the range. Once moved to peg 2 or 3, the peak load is initiated at the beginning or end of the motion respectively.

“Our goal is to manufacture the best and most innovative equipment in the world, if we do that, we think people will notice,” said Jarrad Griffin, SVP of PRIME.   And notice they have, PRIME can be found in elite gyms all over the globe including Mark Coles’ M10 Gym in Nottingham, England and Tony Doherty’s Mecca gym in Melbourne, Australia. “Our technology is unique, that’s a good thing, but it also presents a set of challenges for us to penetrate the market,” Griffin continued. “When people truly understand what PRIME equipment does and the legitimate value it provides, it’s a simple recipe for success for the gym, their members, and PRIME.”

To learn more about PRIME and their SmartStrength technology, visit www.PRIMEfitnessUSA.com or email info@PRIMEfitnessUSA.com