January 25, 2016

IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski partners with PRIME Fitness

By Prime Fitness
IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski partners with PRIME Fitness

PRIME Fitness, an American made strength equipment company, has partnered with Canadian born IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski. The partnership positions the world-renowned bodybuilder as a brand ambassador for the rapidly growing strength brand. The partnership comes on the heels of the inclusion of over 20 pieces PRIME equipment at Pakulski’s new MI40 gym in Tampa, FL. “With everything we did [at MI40], the intent is ‘best in the world’. The addition of PRIME and their variable resistance SmartStrength technology fits that methodology perfectly,” said Pakulski.

PRIME Fitness has been making waves in the fitness industry since late 2013 after the parent company, Specialty Fitness Systems, acquired STRIVE Strength and launched the PRIME brand at the Club Industry show later that year in Chicago, IL. PRIME has been turning heads, most notably with their patented SmartStrength® technology, which is featured on both the selectorized and plate loaded lines. “SmartStrength® is what separates us from the pack,” said Jarrad Griffin, Sr. Vice President of PRIME. “Giving users the ability to alter the strength curve of a given exercise is something only PRIME equipment can achieve [on selectorized and plate loaded units]. By moving the peak resistance to the beginning, middle or end of the exercise motion, SmartStrength® delivers total muscular exhaustion more efficiently and effectively than standard equipment, ultimately recruiting more muscle fibers in the process.” Griffin continued.

While the partnership with PRIME is new, Pakulski was already familiar with the SmartStrength technology. “My brain is constantly looking for ways to improve my workout efficacy and get the most out of every single set and every rep. When I turned pro in 2006, I stumbled upon STRIVE (now Prime), I was hooked. I started making calls to find out which gyms around me had this equipment. I found one, and signed up immediately. Truly understanding the full benefit of the technology took me a few months, but once I "got it", my workouts improved dramatically and my results skyrocketed,” said the 2013 Arnold Classic Runner-Up. When I decided to open my gym, having STRIVE was an absolute MUST, so I bought 19 total pieces. Only 4 months later it was brought to my attention that PRIME was now making new equipment with the SmartStrength technology I literally jumped on the phone that day and ordered all the pieces I was missing,” said Pakulski.

“The partnership with Ben [Pakulski] is really a natural fit for us. We feel that his reputation as ‘the thinking man’s bodybuilder’, compliments our brand and SmartStrength® technology nicely. His deep knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology and how it relates to our products provides us with credibility that is critical to building our brand globally. Moreover, his large scale reach via social media and other digital platforms offers a plug-and-play avenue to deliver our message/grow awareness around the world,” said Todd Prichard, PRIME’s Director of Marketing.

PRIME has their sights set on continued growth both domestically and internationally, and with the support of Pakulski, PRIME is looking forward with a very enthusiastic mindset. “The sky is the limit for us,” Griffin stated. “Through strategic partnerships like these, we feel that we’ve developed a recipe for success. Our entire team is committed to the growth of the company and we look forward to enjoying that ride with Ben.”

Pakulski also believes that PRIME has a bright future. “For anyone serious about building muscle, or improving performance, nothing even comes close to matching the potential for output and efficiency that this technology offers.”

For more information about PRIME, visit PrimeFitnessUSA.com

For more information about Ben Pakulski and MI40, visit MI40gym.com