July 01, 2019

KAZ Handles Launch | The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

By Prime Fitness
KAZ Handles Launch | The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

The KAZ Handles launched last Friday! (Well, that sounded much easier than it turned out to be.)

So, here’s a quick update on the KAZ Handles launch, and we’re going to give it to you straight - the good, the bad, and the ugly.   Before we do, we first wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to  all of you who purchased the product on Friday. To think of where we’ve come from in the past 5 years, leading up to this launch – it’s truly humbling – and it wouldn’t happen without each of you.  So, again, ‘Thank You’!

Now, let's dive into this…

The Good

For the most part, this category makes up roughly 90% of the entire launch.  It was good.  In fact, parts of it were great – like selling out of the initial inventory run in just over 12 hours! We’ll give you a minute, because it’s still sinking in with us too. We knew from the minute we started to work with Coach Kassem on the concept that it was going to be a special product.  It fits exactly what a PRIME product should be; a unique take on a traditional piece of gym equipment that elevates it to another level of versatility, functionality, and quality – and that’s exactly what the KAZ Handles are.  But to see so many people support the launch on social media and then purchase the handles on day one of the launch… incredible. 

The Bad

The bad is also pretty straight forward – we ran out of product. While it’s cool to see a sellout demand for a product, we know it stinks for the people who missed the opportunity to get their order in right away. So, we’ve expedited the next batch of KAZ Handles and are very pleased to share that WE WILL BE RESTOCKED WITH KAZ HANDLES NEXT WEEK!  Our team is all-hands-on-deck restocking the inventory.  Our goal is to have them available for purchase on the website on July 10th – so be sure to mark your calendars now!

The Ugly

IT issues + Murphy’s Law = Enough Said.

In all honesty, we have a great team managing our website, but sometimes things just break.   What’s worse is when they break right before something you’ve been planning for weeks!   Long story short, we had an issue with the site totally unrelated to the new product, that caused the site to be down for most of the day yesterday.  Kudos to our team for grinding all day to get the issue resolved and get the site (and the launch) up and running by 7pm EST.  So we missed the launch time by a couple of hours, and as frustrating as it was, it was rewarding to see how the team came together to overcome the challenges and grind it out.  Equally rewarding was watching so many of you wait patiently for two hours until they were live.  You guys rule.

Thanks again for your support. I means the world to us.  #FindYourPRIME