December 04, 2017

LIFTOFF: The Rise of Smarter Strength Equipment

By Prime Fitness
LIFTOFF: The Rise of Smarter Strength Equipment

OK, let’s try something.

Pick a product that you use frequently – any product. It could be your phone, your car, your computer, your TV… You get the point.
Now, rewind time and think about your product 10 years ago, 15 years ago, or even 20 years ago.   Is it the same today as it was back then? Does it work the same way? Has it improved?
The obvious answer to any product in today’s world is it has changed and it more than likely has improved quite a bit.  We’ve come to expect it.  Regardless of what product you chose, more than likely, version 2.0 was better than the original.  In most cases, the product you chose (assuming it was even around 20 years ago) might be almost unrecognizable beside today’s model.  Isn’t technology an amazing thing?

Now, think of the same scenario, but the product is the Arm Curl machine at your gym.  Is it the same as it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago?  Does it work the same way? Has it improved?

It’s odd. While everything else was zooming past us in light speed over the past couple of decades, the equipment at our gym pretty much stayed the same. Consider this: If you put the Arm Curl machine from a 2 decades ago right smack next to the one in your gym today, how much different would they be? Outside of the ‘style’ and ‘look’, functionally, in most cases, they’d be very similar.  There might be a flashy new QR code and upholstery color, but the mechanics of the actual exercise motion are probably nearly identical.

So, what’s the difference? For starters, everything else has gotten smarter.  Your phone, your car, your computer, and even your TV.  At the functional level, every one of those products has gotten “smarter” to make your results more desirable.

PRIME Fitness is on a mission to do the same thing to your fitness equipment. While other companies have resorted to LED screens, rep counters, and flashing lights, PRIME has enhanced the actual functionality of the machine to provide unmatched versatility and functionality that yields better results.

There is no other product in the Strength Equipment market that can do what PRIME SmartStrength® technology does. Period.

SmartStrength offers 5 resistance patterns that allow a user to target load a particular portion of the range of motion. In other words, with SmartStrength, you can train with 5 totally different resistance profiles on a single machine.  Why is that important? First, it allows you to focus your training in the part of the range you are the weakest.

For example, most people are weakest in the shortened position, meaning when the muscle is fully shortened (or contracted), it has the least output potential.  So, on a traditional piece of equipment, a user could only challenge the rest of the muscle with the maximum load possible in the shortened position. That means the rest of the muscle was not maximally challenged.  With PRIME, that same user could manipulate the strength curve via SmartCam Setting #2 (peak resistance at the end of the range) or #4 (peak resistance between the middle and end of the range) to create a more customized resistance profile to challenge the muscle at each point the range of motion.  That means the entire muscle was maximally challenged.

It’s a huge deal.  But honestly, isn’t it technology you’d expect in 2018?

Folks, simply put, whether you’re trying to get functionally fit, or put on additional muscle mass, PRIME Fitness is the smarter solution.

Contact us today with questions about how PRIME SmartStrength Technology can take your gym to an elite level.