September 27, 2018

My PRIME With… Abbie Tharan – Team PRIME

By Prime Fitness
My PRIME With… Abbie Tharan – Team PRIME


Rapid Fire:
Favorite piece of PRIME equipment: Hybrid Pec/Rear Delt

Favorite body part to train: Shoulders

Favorite pre-workout: Neurocore

Favorite song to train to: Anything by Halestorm

PRIME: Abbie, you started with PRIME a couple months ago, how has working at PRIME changed the way you train?

Abbie:  Since beginning at PRIME, my world has been rocked!  With the sheer volume of options available in the PRIME showroom, from the Hybrid, Evolution, and Plate-Loaded lines, as well as the RO-T8 accessories and Squat Wedges, varying my workouts is something that I had not been able to really do to a large degree at my home gym, and that all but eliminates the chance for plateaus.  Plus, learning and utilizing the biomechanics of SmartStrength, which is the SmartCam and 3-Peg Torque Arm technology, which allows adjustment of the resistance curve of an exercise, is at such a heightened level of training, that my muscles are working in ways they never have prior to my employment at PRIME.  It simply blows my mind every time I make an adjustment and feel the difference!  Knowing what I know now, that in all my years of on and off weight training, I’ve never known a truly complete workout, makes me feel like I’ve been missing out the whole time.  That “pump” that I have long read and heard about was something I had not experienced, but now do regularly.  And I have certainly never been as sore as I have been since starting at PRIME!

PRIME: What has been the most challenging part of your job as an Inside Sales Rep at PRIME?

Abbie: One part of my job is to reach out to current customers, via phone or email, typically those who have purchased from PRIME’s accessory line, RO-T8 attachments and Squat Wedges, and it can be quite difficult to actually make contact with those customers.  I absolutely understand how busy life is, with work, family, etc., but I think it is important to obtain customer feedback to find out what is working, what is not working, what people like and what they don’t like, so the company can improve or make adjustments, if need be.  PRIME is constantly innovating, and part of that is based on the wants and needs of those who are actually using the equipment.  Also, I enjoy hearing customers’ personal experiences with PRIME. 

PRIME: Our mantra is FIND Your PRIME, which can mean different things to different people, what does finding your PRIME mean to you?  

Abbie: Finding my PRIME, to me, is getting to that pinnacle of personal satisfaction as a result of performing at my best.  This idea touches all facets of my life, whether it is hitting a personal goal at the gym, feeling a sense of accomplishment as a parent and spouse, or, more recently, embarking on an unplanned career path that has given me a new outlook on life.

PRIME: When you’re not at work or in the gym, where can we find you and what are you doing?

Abbie: You will find me spending time with my family.  I have a wonderful husband, Kirk, and two boys, Griffin, 7, and Parker, 2, and they keep my on my toes, which is a place I love being! 

PRIME: Last question, who has been you biggest fitness inspiration, and why?

Abbie:  Dana Linn Bailey, without question!  After having children, deciding I wanted to get back into weight training full steam ahead, and reinvesting in my home gym, I was still missing that one motivating factor to propel myself forward.  I pulled out one of my old issues of Oxygen magazine, thinking that seeing all those women who inspired me to lift in the past would certainly have the same effect.  I opened it up, and there was a picture of this woman who exuded, at least physically, what I viewed as perfection.  She had plenty of muscle, yet a striking femininity that I was awestruck by.  Upon research, I found a name to go with the picture, and once I began following DLB on social media, I was further impressed by her overall approach to a multitude of things in her life.  Her work ethic, commitment to weight training, respect toward fans, and love of animals are just a few reasons why DLB is such a quality role model for women, men, and children alike.