August 25, 2017

My PRIME With… Kyle Flick – Team PRIME

By Prime Fitness
My PRIME With… Kyle Flick – Team PRIME

This month we are bringing you the 3rd edition of My PRIME With… a monthly blog series where we ask a friend of PRIME’s a few questions, aimed at getting a little more information into how they find their own PRIME.  This month we are flipping things around a little bit, and putting the spotlight on one of our own, PRIME team member, Kyle Flick.  Kyle is an important guy, his job is one of (if not) the most important jobs at PRIME. We wanted to hear from Kyle himself about his position, life at PRIME and his own fitness journey.

Without further ado, here is My PRIME With…. Kyle Flick.  

PRIME: Kyle, what is your role at PRIME and how long have you been with the company?

Kyle Flick: I am one of the main Assemblers.  It’s my job to put all the pieces together to create a single piece of PRIME Fitness equipment.  The ‘hand’ in handmade? That’s me. I have been working at PRIME for 2 years as of June.

PRIME: What is the best part of your job at PRIME?

Kyle Flick: As an Assembler, my job can be straightforward, and at times complex.  I love that aspect of it. I also love knowing that the machines I build will ultimately be used to make someone healthier, and lead a more energetic lifestyle. Knowing that the work I am doing is enabling people to be the best they can be… no doubt that’s the best part.

PRIME: As a gym goer/strength enthusiast, how, if at all, has working on PRIME equipment changed the way you approach your own personal training?

Kyle Flick: I’ve historically been a l free weight lifter and was when I began working at PRIME. I didn’t really like the idea of working out on ‘strength machines.’  But once I experienced how divergent these machines are, and the way they can break down the muscle with the adjustability of the SmartCam and TorqueArm, my perception of ‘strength machines’ has changed.  There really isn’t anything else in the world like PRIME Fitness equipment.  That’s pretty awesome.

PRIME: For readers out there considering PRIME equipment for their gym, what can you tell them about the work and quality that goes in to each piece of PRIME equipment? 

Kyle Flick: That’s easy, simply put: “You get what you pay for.” I have a front row seat as to how these machines are made. Each piece is truly handcrafted –  from bends and welds, to powder coat and assembly, each piece is meticulously built and inspected before it ships out – and we’re proud that every element of the process is done in the USA!

PRIME: Lastly, we use the phrase ‘Find Your PRIME’ a lot around here, what is your personal PRIME? What drives you in the gym and what motivates you at work?

Kyle Flick: For me, I feel like I am at my best (or in my PRIME) when I am focused on being positive. Purposefully looking for the good in situations.  Keeping a positive mindset plays a critical role in a lot of things in life, and the gym is no exception. So, I really try to stay focused on my goals and remain optimistic about the outcome. I feel like the positivity keeps me motivated to keep moving forward. That’s probably the other part of my PRIME – setting goals.  Each morning I remind myself of the goals I’ve set for myself, whatever they may be, and what it will take to reach them.