May 15, 2017

PRIME Featured in Men's Health Gym Bible

By Prime Fitness
PRIME Featured in Men's Health Gym Bible

It’s becoming easier and easier to #FindYourPRIME.

In large part because more and more people are learning the advantages only PRIME can offer.

Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine, recently launched the 2nd Edition of their popular "Men’s Health Gym Bible."  The book is “the ultimate resource for the total gym experience," and covers a wide variety of gym-related topics from exercise tutorials, equipment overviews and expert advice.

Men's Health Gym Bible - 2nd Edition

PRIME is included as a featured equipment line with an overview of how our SmartStrength™ technology offers a game-changing advantage to traditional strength machines.  The feature also highlights the PRIME Plate Loaded Extreme Row as a “Must Try” piece, detailing how the machine eliminates the user’s ability to “cheat” the exercise.

You can purchase a copy of the Men’s Health Gym Bible here:

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