July 10, 2017

PRIME Feature Friday: PRIME Steel Rack

By Prime Fitness
PRIME Feature Friday: PRIME Steel Rack

If you didn’t already know, each Friday (well, most Fridays) we post a new video to the PRIME YouTube Channel (check it out HERE and be sure to hit “subscribe” to be notified of new uploads) that puts the spotlight on a single piece of PRIME equipment.  It’s our way to bring the equipment to you, until you have a chance to experience the game-changing innovation first-hand.

This past Friday, we pointed the cameras at a PRIME Steel Rack.  This behemoth beauty features 4x4 inch tubing, fixed upper band rods, retractable lower band rods, a dedicated spotter platform, lock-in bench centering technology, a variety of pull-up variation handles and a list of other features too long to type out.  In short, this is a serious piece, crafted to meet the needs of any user, from the occasional gym goer to the most elite lifter/athlete.

Take a minute to check out the video.  We showcased a banded bench press, heel elevated banded squats and a variety of pull-up variations. #FindYourPRIME