March 04, 2019

PRIME Fitness Welcomes Bryson DeChambeau to Team PRIME

By Prime Fitness
PRIME Fitness Welcomes Bryson DeChambeau to Team PRIME

PRIME Fitness, the leader in science-forward strength training equipment, has announced the addition of PGA Tour Superstar, Bryson DeChambeau, as an ambassador for the rapidly growing brand.  DeChambeau, who has accumulated five PGA Tour wins since 2017, credits his innovative scientific approach to the game of golf for his rapid rise to the fifth ranked golfer in the world.  Most notably, DeChambeau’s “single length” irons and “one-plane” swing have earned him the nickname “The Scientist” on tour.

The partnership with DeChambeau is a natural fit for PRIME’s brand. Since the start of the company, PRIME’s singular focus has been the pursuit of greatness through the application of science and it is believed that there could not be a better real-world example of that than the way “The Scientist” is single handedly changing the landscape of a two-century old sport through science.

PRIME has been making waves in the strength training community since 2014, when the brand was launched, highlighted by its innovative SmartStrength technology, featured on each piece of PRIME Selectorized and Plate Loaded equipment. SmartStrength is the corner stone of PRIME because it gives the user the ability to dissect and target load a particular portion of the range of motion, fully training a muscle from origin to insertion. For a golfer like DeChambeau, looking to optimize both strength and flexibility, the ability to adequately challenge a muscle through its entire range of motion is paramount, and that is exactly what SmartStrength does.

DeChambeau, a student of Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), was introduced to PRIME while training with Roskopf at the MAT headquarters in Denver, CO – where PRIME equipment plays an integral role in the application of MAT. 

“It’s exciting to work with such an innovative company,” said DeChambeau of the new partnership with PRIME. “It’s an honor to work with a company that is so committed to science and biomechanics, and that commitment shows in their products. PRIME equipment is a game changer, not just for a golfer, but for anyone looking to elevate their training and performance.”