July 17, 2017

The Evolution of Strength Training Equipment [or lack there of]

By Prime Fitness
The Evolution of Strength Training Equipment [or lack there of]

Let’s start with a story…

It’s leg day.  You’ve been pumping yourself up all week for this. You arrive to the gym, fully prepared to destroy anything in your path.  You slam your pre-workout like a savage animal preparing for a hunt.  Once you’ve carefully crafted the set-up of your stations for maximum efficiency, you slide your headphones in to place and press play…😮  Single Ladies spews into your ears with the might of a bursting damn. Seriously??? 😫 Frantic to not lose any of the motivation you’ve been building all week, you flip open your portable CD player only to find that your girlfriend swapped out Avenge Sevenfold with Beyoncé.  End scene.

So, what was the moral of the story? Technology.

In today’s day and age, this type of thing could never happen. For starters, if you’re working out next to a dude still rockin’ a portable CD player, odds are his girlfriend… doesn’t exist. [NOTE: if you are a dude and still use a portable CD player, we apologize in advance, and we’re sure your imaginary girlfriend is a smoke show].  OK, back to the point. At any given moment, we have thousands (if not millions) of songs at our finger tips. Literally, any song ever recorded is no more than a few taps away. Beyoncé to Avenge Sevenfold? No sweat.

It’s possible because technology is an amazing thing, and it’s always moving forward, all around you.  Everything from your TV to your toilet, it’s evolving with each new model.  The variable is the speed at which it evolves.

Take for example, Strength Training Equipment.  In the graphic below, there are 2 images of a selectorized Pec Deck machine (we won’t name the manufacturer, but on a side note, the red semi-cursive font is totally unrelated).  The machine on the left was made in 1995.  The machine on the right was made in 2014.  At first glance, they are totally different, right?  Well, the colors are different, ascetically it’s different and the weight stack moved 90 degrees.  So yes, it’s different, but is it better? Is there new technology? New functionality? Enhanced biomechanics? No, no and no.  It’s still a Pec Deck, albeit a dolled-up version.



At PRIME, our mission is simple.

We aim increase the speed of innovation in strength training equipment, and in the process, advance the overall way people approach strength training.  

In other words, we want to enhance things that haven’t been enhanced in a long time.

No better example of this than our SmartStrength technology.  Each PRIME machine offers 5 strength curve variations. Do you know how many that shiny Peck Deck from 2014 offered? [Spoiler alert: 4 less than PRIME] You got it… 1.

Innovation is all over PRIME products.  From the swivel/mobility of the PRIME RO-T8 Handles, or the countless features on PRIME Steel Racks for both the user and trainer.  Our philosophy is, if a product is enhanced or doesn’t enhance your workout, we don’t make it.  For example, PRIME Squat Wedges.  It’s not a scientific breakthrough that the elevation of your heel plays a key role in the muscles activated during a squat, people have been using plates for years, but PRIME Squat Wedges offer adjustability, functionality and precision.

Here’s the kicker.  When your gym has equipment that is more innovative, more versatile and more effective, it adds value and that translates in to more members.
Contact us today to learn more about how PRIME equipment can take your facility to the next level.


- Team PRIME