March 13, 2019

The PRIME Prodigy Racks are HERE!

By Prime Fitness
The PRIME Prodigy Racks are HERE!

It’s official. The PRIME Prodigy Racks are now live and available for purchase!

Launching new products is always exciting.  It’s the culmination of ideas, planning, and hard work – all of which the Prodigy line required high doses of, and our team delivered.

But the Prodigy line is even more meaningful to us because of what it represents. When PRIME started, we focused on developing pushing innovation and designing equipment with superior biomechanics, focusing our efforts in the commercial gym market.  It wasn’t until the release of the RO-T8 Handles and Squat Wedges that we had viable products to include in a typical home or garage gym.  With the explosive growth in consumer sales around the RO-T8 Family and Squat Wedges, we took a closer look at the garage gym market – and quickly realized 2 things…

1.) there are a few companies making very cool, very high-quality equipment, very well. **Cough**Rogue**Cough**Sorinex**Cough EliteFTS**

 2.) we wanted to join the party driving innovation and quality in the space too. 

Enter, PRIME Prodigy.  

The Prodigy Racks really do blur the imaginary lines that have been created between “commercial” and “home” equipment. After all, they aren’t as different in 2019 as you might expect. Fact, we have customers with home gyms that make even the most amazing commercial gyms look average. Fact, people are training smarter than ever before, turning to science to maximize execution and performance.  Fact, it’s our job to the develop tools that perform at the same level of mechanics and versatility – and that’s what we believe the Prodigy line does.

We also wanted to create something that people could customize and configure to maximize space and exercise versatility, but we took it one step further, with Prodigy you can do it over time - at the pace your gym evolves. 

Here’s a totally fictitious example. 

Meet Budget Bob.

Budget Bob wants to build a gym in his home. So, Bob saves.

Bob buys one standard PRIME Prodigy Power Rack. Bob has a sweet rack. Bob saves again.

Bob buys the RO-T8 Pull-Up Station, Row Bench and Dumbbell Cradles add-ons. Bob saves more.

Bob buys a kit to upgrade his Power Rack into a Prodigy HLP Plate Loaded Rack. Bob’s now ballin’.

So, Bob buys a half rack to attach to the back of his HLP Rack.

Now Bob has the best gym in town and it is in his garage. Bob wins.

So, that was an overly drawn out and dramatic way to point out that the Prodigy Rack Line is essentially the equivalent of an erector set for adults who never really grew up and really like to train. Yes, you.

Anyway, we are super excited to share this line and overwhelmed with the initial response – overwhelmed in many ways.

Thank you all for your support and make sure you’re following us online for all the latest content and news!

- Team PRIME